BSS - TCS-804 2-in/4-out Delay Line


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BSS TCS-804 Dual Channel Digital Delay



The TCS-804 is a 2-channel dual-tap or single-channel quad-tap digital delay line designed for critical speaker systems displacement and "Delay Towers" distance correction in large arenas. It can also be used as a sonically transparent, stereo time corrector for disc mastering, transfer or satellite broadcast applications.


The unit features:

A 1O5dB usable dynamic range

Time and distance displays in feet, meters, inches, and milliseconds

Minimum delay steps of 10 microseconds

Maximum of 650mS (stereo) or 1.3S (mono), expandable to 1.3S/2.6S

A 100kHz sampling rate

12 non-volatile user programmable memories (no batteries required)

Master/slaving via MIDI; an electronics security lockout

Automatic delay-time temperature compensation via an optional probe


Input Section 

Impedance 10KOhms, electronically balanced

Max. Input Level + 20dBu

Connector XLR3-31 or equivalent

Output Section

Output Electronically balanced and floating

Max. Output Level +20dBu into 600 Ohms

Connector XLR-32 or equivalent


System Performance

Conversion Method Dynamic floating window PCM

Frequency Response +/- 0.5.db , 20Hz-20KHz

Dynamic Range Typically 105db

Distortion (THD) Less than 0.03% (20Hz-20KHZ + 10dBu)

Group Delay Deviation +/-7 microsecs (20Hz-20KHz)

Stereo Synchronisation +/- 0.5 microsecs

User Memory Type EEPROM, no batteries required

Delay Range Stereo - 75 microsec - 650 millisec (1.3 Sec optional)

Mono - 75 microsec -1.3 Sec (2.6 Sec optional)

Minimum Step Size 10 microsec (3.4mm at 21 degrees C)

Input Level -9 to + 20dBu in 1dB steps

Output Gain UNITY, Adjustable +/-6dB in 1dB steps

Venue Temperature Correction Manual entry or automatic using BSS probe


Control Interfaces

Remote Program Selection 3 x 4 contact closure matrix via 9-pin subminature D connector / MIDI IN, THRU, OUT 5-pin 180 degree DIN.

Temperature Probe 1/4" RTS jack for BSS probe



Input Headroom 7 step linear 0db +20db

Parameters 4 digit, plus units/status leds



Power Requirements 120/240V sc +10%-20% at 50/60Hz 40VA

Dimensions 482mm x 44mm x 228mm, 19" x 1.75" x9


Transformer Balancing Inputs and outputs

Memory Expansion To 1.3 Sec stereo/2.6 Sec mono

Relay Bypass Passive failsafe bypass in the event of a power failure or an internal fault

Temperature Probe Allows automatic temperature compensation accurate to +/- 3 degrees C

Security Cover Renders the unit tamper proof






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