Tascam MD 801R



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Tascam MD-801R Mini Disc



  • Industry standard 44.1 kHz sampling

  • Fastest access 200 ms full stroke search time is 5 times faster than any other MD Player. Track start in only 100 ms

  • Fast editing on disc reversible cut, insert, move and erase works just like traditional "razor-blade" editing

  • Auto locate feature finds specific points on tape quickly and accurately

  • Jog dial and shuttle wheel for manual frame by frame searching and positioning

  • Wide pitch control 9.9% for sampling and dance studios

  • Programmable End-of-Message function gives up to 99 sec. warning of track ending

  • Mono mode doubles total play time

  • REMOTE (Parallel) terminal for external control

  • RS-232C serial data port for interface to external computers or others

  • Keyboard terminal for external control: IBM PS/2 compatible

  • Optional "BU-801" RAM buffer for Instant start replay

  • Optional "RC-801" Full function remote control unit

  • Optional "RC-8" Simple remote control unit

  • Optional Flash start controller "RC-FS10" & "RC-FS20" (Special order only)

  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 482 x 132 x 353 mm

  • Weight: 8 kg


RC-801 Full remote / Hot keys

RC-8 Basic remote

BU-801 Ram buffer

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